In-Game Rules

1. No cheating, hacking, modifications, exploiting or scamming. This includes X-Ray mods, fly-hacks, Killaura, autoclickers, etc.
2. Do not spam. Character spam (dragging), repeated messages, messages in capitals, use of UNICODE symbols and intentional distractions are not allowed.
3. Keep swearing to a minimum We get it - sometimes things go badly and you want to let your anger out. Please keep swearing to a minimum on the server.
4. Homophobia, sexism and racism, etc. will not be tolerated Valyria will not tolerate discrimination of others.
5. Unclaimed land can be looted but not grief'ed. Make sure you claim your land (information in /lands) because anything unclaimed can be looted. Griefing other people's builds on Valyria is highly frowned upon. Griefing the natural terrain is bannable.
6. Do not abuse bugs, issues or glitches. It would be much more appreciated if you reported it to staff members. Any abuse will be punished.
7. No Anti-AFK machines. People abuse leaving themselves logged into the server. We have an automatic AFK system to prevent this. Do not attempt to evade this system.
8. Alternate accounts are not allowed. Alts are not allowed on the server. If you have siblings or multiple people joining from one IP address - please let Staff know to prevent any punishments.
9. No advertising.No advertising other websites or Minecraft servers. Big minigame servers are exempt, and of course any Aurelia-related websites.(edited)
10. No in-real-life transactions for in-game items or perks. This excludes any official Valyria Store purchases. You cannot give someone a gift card for in-game items or for a store rank, for example.
11. You are responsible for your items. If you lose your items (and not as a result of a server issue), it is your responsibility. Contact a staff member if you're unsure and we will see what can be done.
12. Do not impersonate others. It's easy. Don't change your nickname/skin in a way that could confuse someone that you're another person. 13. Punishment evasion is not allowed Evading a ban, mute, kick or other punishment is not allowed and will likely be followed by harsher punishments.

Discord Rules

1. Anything that breaks the discord T.O.S is not allowed!
2. Advertisement is not allowed. This also includes Direct Message advertisement!
3. Threatening to DDOS or DOX others is not allowed. This also includes preforming these malicious attacks.
4. Tagging Staff members without a good reason is not allowed. This also includes DMs. If you need help, use #help-chat or make a ticket in-game.
5. Spamming is not allowed.
6. Harassing others is not allowed.
7. No special characters in your name. If you have it as your default name ask an Admin or higher to change it for you.
8. Use the channels designated to the topic you wanna talk about. For example Music Bot commands in #music-commands
9. Only talk English unless there is a channel designated for that language.
10. Keep videos, images and attachments (memes, screenshots) appropriate.
11. Valyria will not tolerate homophobia, racism or any other discrimination
12. Have fun and be nice!